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Joined 26 Sep 63 at Ohio City, Franklin Co., KS. Active service period unknown.


Burrill, Mars, CPT

Gannon, Jno. W., 1LT

Wallruff, Jno., 2LT

Sheldon, H.F., 3LT

Servatus, William, Ensign

Cook, J.H., 1SGT

Dial, John, 2SGT

McCoy, David, 3SGT

Hill, James H., 4SGT

Deitrich, Jno., 1CPL

Sanford, B.C., 2CPL

Robbins, Chas. L., 3CPL

Gannon, William T., 4CPL

Carl, James, Bugler

Balance, Chas., enlisted in 15th Ks

Brock, George W., enlisted in 15th Ks

Bair, John

Baker, F.H.

Callender, W.M.

Dial, W.

Dial, T.S., enlisted in 15th Ks

Drum, D.D.

Douglas, George

Fitten, James

Fugate, William

Howard, Leroy

Howard, J.C.

Howe, S.N.

Jenkins, E.E.

Keinkaid, Benjamin D.

Knight, John

Lee, John S.

Leatimer, J.W.

Morrow, Wm. T.

Means, Thomas

McConnell, Robert, enlisted in 15th Ks

Morlan, Pierce

McFadden, Jno. A., enlisted in 15th Ks

Morlan, Darius

Morrow, Jno. D.

Morlan, J.L.

Swallow, D.B.

Stinebaugh, A.

Smith, E.Y.

Valentine, D.M.

Warden, D.M.





SO#?, HQ, Southern District, KSM (Leroy, Coffey Co., Ks), 12 Oct 63:

Capt. John Douglass: Reliable information having been received that a band of guerrillas has appeared at the Osage Mission, and are supposed to be marching up the Verdigris and Fall River in numbers five hundred strong. You are hereby ordered to report with your company at these headquarters for five days services unless sooner relieved. By order of Maj. Gen. J.B. Scott, E. Robinson, AAG


Joined 12 Sep 63 at Neosho Township, Coffey Co., KS. Active service from 12-16 Oct 63.


Douglass, John, CPT

Carter, Samuel, 1LT

Backerdite, A., 2LT

Cranddel, Warren, 3LT

Standley, Green F., Ensign

Dresback, Alfred N., Ordnance

Beels, Philip Beels, 1CPL

Briles, John, 3CPL

Davison, William, 4CPL

Bowen, William

Briles, Branson

Cox, Isaac

Eliot, Harrison

Henley, Jacob E.

Hamleton, John P.

Heddens, P.L.

Morton, R.R.

Mentzer, Japhet

Morrow, J.A.

Pepper, S.P.

Rasor, David

Schlichter, Lawrence

Thomas, Samuel

Varvil, A.A.

Vandaver, Charles

Woodworth, Baxter

Wilson, George

Wray, James L., 3LT

Siria, Thomas, 3SGT

Schaaf, Henry, 4SGT

Ingwerisen, Christian, 2CPL

Barringer, Walter

Decker, M.

Oliver, T.W.

Rugles, Thomas

Sanley, F.G.

Siria, Edward

Siria, David

White, F.G.

Husted, M.





Joined 20 Oct 63 at Ft Scott. No other service information.


Mahurn, S.B., CPT

Hamilton, John, 1LT

Andrick, John C., 2LT

Morrow, Jas., 3LT

Smith, Elijah, Ensign

Dark, Joseph, 1SGT

Barr, S.D., 2SGT

Young, J.M., 3SGT

Weer, J.B., 4SGT

Durham, N.D., 1CPL

Ruffin, T.W., 2CPL

Shannon, J.L., 3CPL

Morgan, W.R., 4CPL

Black, J.

Belgeuin, Lewis

Bukey, John

Baku, D.

Dark, T.B.

Damby, J.M.

Freeman, E.S.

Gardner, David

Grissorn, George

Hamilton, W.J.

Hurst, Oscar

Jones, T.A.

January, Daniel

Helley, O.H.

Morgan, Willie

Manlove, George

Nickins, J.M.

Oakley, Joseph

Oakley, A.J.

Ragan, Thomas A.

Rice, Simeon

Richardson, Henry

Shoup, Osgood

Simmons, W.M.

Vaughan, Wilson

Wadkins, Henry

Wadkins, R.H.

Williams, Francis