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Company A


CPT Ed. B. Metz, on 23 May 63, ordered to raise and muster into the service of the state of Kansas, 30 men by the state’s governor.


The men joined at Mound City throughout Jun 63, and were in active service from their enlistment to Nov 63.


There is also a CPT E.B. Metz’s Co’B’, Border Posse for the county of Linn with service dates of  23 May-1 Sep 63. Soldiers annotated with “(*)” are listed with this company also.


Metz, Ed. B., CPT (*)

Foster, Davis, 1LT(*)

Beeson, J.H., 2LT(*)(as PVT)

Quinn, John E., 1SGT(*)(as PVT)

Hardn, Joseph, SGT(*)(as PVT)

Holmes, James C., SGT(*)(as PVT)

Danford, Frank, SGT(*)(as PVT)

Hodson, Robert, CPL(*)(as PVT)

Sands, Samuel V., CPL(*)(as PVT and Sands, S.B.)

Swaney, Wm. T., CPL(*)(as PVT)

Armstrong, A.W., CPL(*)(as PVT)

Morgan, Simon L.(*)(as Morgan. S.T.)

Smith, James A.

Sadler, Wm. F.(*)

Fenton, Michael(*)

Fenton, Patrick(*)

Ashens, Francis(*)

Hart, John M.(*)

Webb, H.R.(*)

Lamb, Aaron(*)

Holmes, Boliver A.(*)

Lamb, Jonathan(*)

Jenisom, John P.(*)

Lamb, David R.(*)

Hooper, Jesse J.(*)(as Hooper, J.D.)

Wilson, Midelton(*)

Crafts, Andrew F.(*)

Stith, Peter J.(*)

Van Deusen, George E.(*)

Davis, Isaac A.(*)

Reynolds, J.G.

Stout, Thomas

Byrum, Alex(*)

Fletcher, J.S.(*)


Following are listed in Co’B’/Border Posse, but not in Co’A’ above:


Elsroads, Jno.

Robertson, James

Start, Thomas(believe same as Stout, Thomas above)