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LTC Charles P. Twiss


Company A


SO# ?, HQ, Southern District, KSM, Leroy, Coffee Co., KS, 12 Oct 63:

            CPT D.C. Bruhaker; Reliable information having been received that a band of guerillas have appeared at the Osage Mission and are supposed to be marching up the Verdigris and Fall Rivers in numbers five hundred strong. You are hereby ordered to report with your company at these headquarters for five days service unless sooner relieved. By order of MG Scott, E. Robinson, AAG.


Called into active service 12 Oct 63 at Iola, relieved from service 16Oct 63.


Brubaker, D.C., CPT

Parsons, D.H., 1LT

Wellen, C.N., 2LT

Colburn, J.F., 3LT

Neff, B.H., Ensign

House, J.W., 1SGT

Briggs, Charles, 2SGT

Brown, A., 3SGT

Avery, Wm., 4SGT

Stewart, A., CPL

Cowan, Wm., CPL

Todd, J.W., CPL

Bloskwell, Peter

Culbertson, J.

Bolton, J.A.

Hogland, Isaac

Hobosk, James

Ruggles, Henry

Cowan, Sam

Stafford, J.L.

Wood, Joseph

Lake, Thane

Abrams, John

Lawyer, I.B.

Fleak, James

Thompson, A.W.

Fitzpatrick, Wm.

Spergeon, L.R.

Wake, George

Todd, Leroy

Todd, G.W.

Wizner, B.F.

Brown, W.M.

Todd, James

Meares, W.H.

Hurvelle, Daniel

Brown, J.L.

Morris, R.J.

Cornell, John

Kune, Wm. S.

Lindley, James

Hurvinlin, John

Fry, Jacob

Arnett, J.C.

Crook, B.

Cowen, Samuel, 2nd

Cleaver, John C.

Lynch, Isaac

Pertle, A.C.

Pearson, J.H.

Leake, George

Cochrun, Wm. H.

Lewis, Nathan

Curly, A.C.

Hitchcock, Isaac B.

Buyne, B.B.

Moore, Rufus

Beauster, B.

Bostwick, H.C.

Landers, B.

Hayes, John P.

Clarks, J.C.

Hones, A.E.

Faulkner, James

Murvil, George

Brown, John L.


Watson Stewart’s Company


HQ, Southern District, KSM, LeRoy, KS, 4 Nov 63

CPT W. Stewart; You are hereby ordered to take your company and scout the country south of Humboldt, Kans. For a few days. By order of MG Scott, E. Robinson, AAG


Stewart, Watson, CPT(but to be paid as 1LT)

Garoutte, C.W., 2LT

Beach, S.E., 3LT

Pogue, James, Ensign

Walton, B.F., 1SGT

Richmond, J.B., 2SGT

Garoutte, J.E., 3SGT

Brady, Franklin

Brady, S.R.

Denny, S.G.

Larkin, Edward

Estes, Rufus

Evans, Wilis

Frost, J.R.

Garoutte, J.L.

Jackson, Israel

May, Thomas

Pogue, N.C.

Rogers, Darius

Sheldon, Wm.

Tripp, John

Vinson, U.B.

Woodward, Henry

Newman, D.C., 1LT

Glidden, T.H., 2SGT

Dolson, E.G.

Jackson, R.W.

Jackson, S.W.

Jennings, Jas.

Randolph, Danl.

Rice, Wm.

Stewart, Myhew

Woodward, W.P.