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Bourban County Battalion, KSM

LTC George P. Eaves


Company A

Active Service dates around 26 Sep-19 Nov 63. Men joined 26 Sep 63 at Freedom Township.


Roberts, David D., CPT

Burton, Isaac, 1LT

Campbell, Cyrus W., 2LT

Devrix, Patrick, 3LT

Osborn, Robert, Ensign

Elliott, Dennis, 1SGT

Moren, Lawrence, 2SGT

Hotchkiss, David, 3SGT

Hacket, Timothy, 4SGT

Gilfoil, James, 1CPL

Moren, John, 2CPL

Keating, John, 3CPL

Whomelsdarf, Henry, 4CPL

Buchanan, G.

Beach, Addison

Campbell, John A.

Clem, James

Devrix, John

Devrix, Mikel

Deming, Alonzo

Dale, A.S.

Elledge, William

Elliot, Charles

Fay, P.

Fitzgerald, Jessee

Fuller, Joseph

Gilfoil, John

Heath, A.J.

Hicks, Martin J.

Hinton, William

Hotchkiss, Burd

Hutton, Bayel

Jackman, D.B.

Johnston, W.B.O.

Lacy, H.G.

McGhee, Charles

Sampson, Alford

Sampson, Norman

Sheats, Benjamin

Tyler, David J.

Winship, R.

Forbs, Joseph

Low, William

Bicks, M.J.

Fitzgerdle, J.S.

Rounds, J.

Wavelale, A.


Company B


Active service 8-20 Oct 63. Joined at Marmaton, KS, 8 Oct 63.


Smith, Dyer, CPT

Roddin, D.W., 1LT

Wood, B.R., 2LT

Collins, A.B., 3LT

Alexander, T.M., 4SGT

Aitken, James

Boyd, A.W.W.

Branch, W.D.

Breden, P.

Cameron, Hugh

Coyle, James H.

Coe, Justin

Cochran, W.

Cobb, David R.

Chambers, Ed.

Durkee, James C.

Dunaway, H.

Durham, J.W.

Durkee, H.E.

Denton, Wm. A.

Doran, T.

Foster, L.P.

Fielder, C.T.

Foster, H.B.

Foote, John M.

Foster, A.

Foster, F.M.

Foster, John

Green, W.H., 1SGT

Gates, Thomas

Gates, Peter

Harris, Wm. H.

Haddock, N.

Huller, T.G.

Harrington, Joseph

Jones, E., 3SGT

Jones, Geo.

Jackson, Geo.

Ring, W.W.

Rimbley, C.

Lane, Wm., 4CPL

Lawton, O.

Mead, G.H.

Moore, T.B.

Mills, J.N.

Mills, T.H.

Mills, R.H.

Moss, T.R.

Moss, Elias

McDonald, T.A.

McPherson, John

Pucket, John, 5SGT

Petticrew, D.A.

Ramsey, A.G.

Robinson, P.A.

Redinger, C.

Ramsey, R.H.

Smith, J.A., 2SGT

Simmons, J.L., 2CPL

Smith, W.J., 1CPL

Smith, W.F., 3CPL

Stewart, Jas.

Simmons, T.W.

Stalker, Jas. T.

Smith, A.W.

Stevens, William

Tuttle, L.L.

Whitsitt, Wm. T.

Ward, Isaac

Wheeler, Emmet



Company C


Joined at Mill Creek 28 Sep 63. Active service 8-20 Oct 63.


Stewart, John J., CPT

Blair, John, 1LT

Marshall, E.M., 2LT

Keener, I.M., 1SGT

Gross, Jacob, 2SGT

Allen, Thomas J., 3SGT

Morgan, John P., 4SGT

Brock, James P., 1CPL

Marshall, Wm. J., 2CPL

Morgan, Jas. T., 3CPL

Hagan, James, 4CPL

Allen, Isaac

Allen, A.H.

Bollinger, Jacob

Bollinger, Wiley

Blair, James

Beagles, Geo. C.

Brock, Prior

Boring, Jacob H.

Chesteen, John

Copeland, Lewis

Coberly, J.C.

Coger, H.D.

Davis, Monroe

Davis, Henry M.

Davis, John T.

Geer, B.B.

Gannon, Lawrence

Hall, D.F.

Hall, A.K.

Harbin, Calvin

Harbin, Samuel

Harbin, J.C.

Janeway, John

Janeway, Wm.

Janeway, Lowery

Janeway, D.H.

Jones, Wm. S.

Keener, George M.

Morey, I.P.

Miller, Wm. H.

Peirsol, John E.

Parnell, John M.

Perringer, J.W.

Ray, James H.

Ray, James T.

Roof, J.W.

Reed, James

Reed, Samuel

Simpson, John

Simpson, Joseph

Simpson, Nathaniel

Sutherland, Samuel

Sutherland, John

Shuemaker, Wm. P.

Thompkins, W.C.

Thorp, Milton

Walton, Jas. H.

Watkins, Nathan


B.F. Gumm’s Company


A 6 Oct 65 letter from Chas. W. Blair, Late Brevet BG states: “…I was in command of this Sub. District, and they were called out by my order, at a time when a large rebel force was in the border of Missouri under Shelby and just after the attack on Gen. Blunt, at Baxter Springs, that I had started with the most of the armed and available Federal troops that were on duty in the locality, to relieve Gen. Blunt, and that I ordered out this militia believing it necessary to the defence of the State.”


Joined 5 Oct 63 in Marion TWP. Active service 7-19 Oct 63.


Eves, George P., CPT, to Major 7 Nov 63 per GO #3

Gumm, Benjamin F., 1LT, elected CPT 14 Nov 63

Baker, Nathan, 2LT, elected 1 LT 14 Nov 63

Goff, Wm., 3LT, elected 2LT 14 Nov 63

Smith, Z.D., 1SGT

Goff, Jacob, 2SGT

Titus, Samuel, 3SGT

Johnson, C.W., 4SGT

Brown, James M., 1CPL

Holt, Jacob, 2CPL

Gardner, Henry L., 3CPL

Stainsbrook, Mathias, 4CPL

Allred, James

Anderson, Jacob

Burkhart, John

Brown, John W.

Buckman, C.E.

Chaffin, Anthony

Chaffin, Elijah

Cone, T.L.

Collins, J.R.

Cowan, Andrew

Carnes, N.B.

Copes, Thomas

Dulings, Thomas

Etheridge, Martin

Eastwood, J.M.

Eastwood, A.L.

Ecart, Etna

Fly, James

Fly, W.N.

Gallamore, Solomon

Guttry, John L.

Guttry, James R.

Hinckley, Jessee C.

Holt, Wm. B.

Hill, S.J.

Hughes, William

Johnson, Owen

Kidwell, A.

More, George

McConnell, J.S.

Mitchell, S.F.

Marsh, L.T.

Manser, Alfred

Prigmore, Calaway

Robinson, Thomas

Ralston, Daniel

Stainsbrook, Andrew

Scheon, Henry

Schubert, August

Schubert, Adolph

Strawser, Jacob

Strawser, Peter

Smith, Thomas

Stubblefield, Robert

Stainsbery, Robert

Stalker, Robert

Stadden, Thomas

Titus, C.A.

Teague, Calvin

Teague, John, promoted 2LT, 14 Nov 63

Teague, Monroe

Tenison, Wesley J.

Tenison, Levi L.

Vance, Wm. R.

Williams, Jerome

Wickham, Thomas

Wells, Robert

Wells, John

Wright, John

Griswold, Nelson

Goff, Aleph